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About Us

Our Company
Mountain View Coffee is a wholesale food service distributor to a wide variety of specialty cafés, restaurants, hotels and offices. We operate extensively throughout Ontario and North America.
The company originally concentrated on roasting specialty coffee and private label branding. Since its start the product list has expanded to include a complete line of paper and biodegradable, compostable food service products. Mountain View Coffee operations have expanded to include a dedicated roasting facility and distributions warehouse. Mountain View Estates was one of the first companies in Canada to recognize the importance of ethical and sustainable business practices, and the value proposition this offered to like- minded businesses. The company was one of the first members of the Fair Trade movement, guaranteeing a fair price to the farmers that grow and pick the beans.
We are Members of: TransFair Canada: Fair Trade Certification Board Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses Kosher Certified Coffee.
Mountain View Estates

The Mountain View Estates Coffee Company is a gourmet coffee company that specializes in only the finest coffees grown from around the world. Their coffees are carefully roasted to exact specifications yielding the highest quality and best tasting coffees.