Roasting Facilities

Mountain View’s roasting plant is a well equipped facility designed to handle the coffee needs of the modern coffee consumer. The large volume 2 stage drum roaster produces consistently high quality coffee. The oven or furnace is separated from the roasting drum preventing the coffee from coming in direct contact with the gas flame. Our coffee benefits greatly from this process creating a consistently even roast throughout the entire batch. Every stage of the roasting process is automated.

The roasted coffee is then processed and packaged by: Volumetric packager - 5-1 lb bulk ground and bean 2 Vertical form and feed packagers- ground fraction packs in a 2oz to 1 lb sizes

The facility includes a separated flavour room where all our flavoured coffees are produced. Amazing recipes have been formulated over the years. We have more than 40 varieties including customer favourites Maple, Caramel Biscotti, Crème Brule, French Vanilla, Snickerdoodle, Bavarian Chocolate, Hazelnut, etc.

Our finished products are tested in our own quality control Lab. Here we have a cupping table, coffee brewers, grinders, and a colour spectrometer.