Fundraiser Program

Use Mountain View Coffee for your next fundraiser.

The fundraising program is easy to use and generates a lot of revenue for your organization.

Here is how the program works:

1) Simply print one of the two available forms:
       - Fair Trade Organic coffee exclusively
       - Conventional and Fair Trade Organic coffee
2) You set your own prices. (Suggested price is $10.00 to $11.00 for coffee and office gift pack, $5.00 for Regular Hot Chocolate and $7.00 for tea).

3) Collect the forms and add up the totals. Fax or email the totals to Mountain View Coffee for order processing. Fax the orders to 416-694-5155 or email

4) Within 2-3 weeks all coffees will be roasted, packed and delivered to your location. There is no delivery charge and credit cards are accepted.

5) Coffee prices do fluctuate. Please send us an email for the unit prices of coffee, tea and hot chocolate packs.

These programs are currently used by many organizations across Canada schools, sports teams, cub scouts, churches etc. across Canada.

To download the fundraising form in PDF, click here.