Mountain View Coffee announces its newest product line; single k-cup coffee "ONE COFFEE" brand.

Posted by Eric, 2013-12-18 09:12:11

Mountain View Coffee is proud to announce its newest product line "ONE COFFEE". This is a Keurig compatible one cup coffee line that is not only Fair Trade Organic but comes in packaging that is 90 percent biodegradable. This coffee comes packed in 11 grams per cups which is more than the competition and is competitively priced. COLOMBIAN SUMATRA PERU DARK ETHIOPIAN BREAKFAST BLEND SWISS WATER DECAF FRENCH ROAST DOI CHANG MEDIUM DOI CHANG DARK VARIETY PACK This line of coffee is meant to compliment the coffee beans we sell you. Not everyone has a drip machine at home these days so every retailer will need to sell beans and a ONE cup alternative. Why leave sales on the table. This is also available for sale at the showroom 26 Logan Avenue, Toronto.