Newest MicroLot Coffee Available; Papua New Guinea Fair Trade Organic Sigri Estate

Posted by Eric, 2013-07-03 13:50:29

Our organic coffee is best described as having a chocolate, nutty flavour with a slightly fruity finish. These are the superb qualities that position our organic coffee at the forefront of worldwide demand. PNG Organic Coffee Organic coffee is grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Natural soil enhancements are used, for example, legume shade trees replenish nitrogen in the soil for the coffee plants to use; peanut ground runners do the same as well as aiding in weed control. Thick mulching with natural compost is also used to retain moisture and to enrich the soil. Organic farmers grow their own seedlings from previously certified coffee trees; genetically modified plants are not allowed. Growers are encouraged to prune their coffee trees at the end of each season to enable more growth and better crops in the following year. Coffee beans are hand-picked when they are a ripe cherry red and are then pulped in small hand machines. Next the beans are fermented in vats for 36 hours and then washed clean. After this they are laid out in the sun to dry which takes about a week. Then they are bagged up and sent to town for final processing which includes hand sorting by local women.