Mountain View Coffee donates a gift basket to Alma Children's Education Foundation

Posted by Eric, 2013-06-25 14:56:22

Mountain View donates gift basket to Alma Children's Education Foundation, helping Latin American children. Here is some more information on them: We believe that by improving the quality of early childhood education in economically marginalized regions of Central and South America we are helping families overcome social and economic hardship. We use a microphilanthropic model, partnering with local social entrepreneurs on small, high social return, grassroots education initiatives. Our funds are invested, consistent with our guiding principles, to maximize social return on capital. Alma is the Spanish word for "soul". Thank you for taking the time to visit the Alma Children's Education Foundation website. We would appreciate any thoughts or help that you can offer. Alma Children's Education Foundation 19 Kingswood Road Toronto, Ontario, M4E3N4 416-862-5836