Carolinas Colombian Estate on Brew Today Starting at 10 am

Posted by Eric, 2013-04-26 09:47:50

Mountain View Coffees latest Micro Lot Coffee is Carolinas Colombian Estate Supremo. It is hand picked, sun dried and shade grown on their family farm nestled in the Colombian Andes Mountains. We will be offering this coffee on brew at 10 am today to anyone that comes down to 26 Logan Avenue today. Here is some more information on our latest Micro Lot Selection. Carolinas Colombian Estate Supremo: As told on their website: Ralf and Carolina, owners of Carolinas Colombia, met and fell in love in 1998 in Bucaramanga, Colombia while Ralf was there working on behalf of TransCanada Pipe Lines. Many moves, a wedding and a few years went by before they found themselves living in Ralfs native homeland of Canada... with maintained ties to Carolina’s family in Colombia. Carolinas grandparents were coffee farmers; they worked the land that had been in Carolinas family for generations. Carolina spent much of her childhood on the family farm and over the years was drawn back to the region and the family business. Ultimately, her dream was to own a plantation of her own so she could continue the family legacy and pass it along to her children. In April 2012 Carolinas dream came true when Ralf and Carolina purchased a coffee plantation of their own where they grow their own beans using traditional methods. As a high priority, Ralf and Carolina are committed to protecting and sharing the Colombian traditions and heritage. They wanted to build their plantation using techniques that protected the local environment so that the local community and travelers could enjoy the beauty of the land for many years to come. They are imagining the farm as a future base for Eco-tourism. There are spectacular things to see and interesting people to meet. By managing all aspects of the seed to delivery process we can guarantee consistent quality of our beans from land to shelf. Benefits of Shade-Grown Beans: Taste: Shaded conditions create a cooler setting and, like coffee grown at higher altitudes, the growth of the bean is slower. This creates a denser, harder bean, and that is what roasters and coffee experts look for in quality coffee. Provides bird habitat and greater biodiversity: Shade-grown helps generate more biodiversity, and leads to a more stable ecosystem. The forest provides a safe habitat for birds that eat insect larvae, and in turn, reducing the need for pesticide use. It also offers support for more bees that help pollinate the coffee plants. On that note, yes we also import the unique flavoured Honey produced by local artisanal apiculturists. Helps sustain rainforests: Coffee plantations that are chemically dependent suffer from soil depletion and increased erosion. The rainforest is stripped to provide fresh growing ground. Shaded coffee farms are, for the most part, organic and sustainable. The canopy is constantly dropping natural biomass to the plantation soil … thus maintaining complete sub-soil ecosystems. Benefits of High Altitude Grown Beans: Our farm is at 1,400 meters above sea level and our coffee is considered “high altitude” grown. High altitude reduces the quantity yielded but results in more desirable flavour. Benefits of Hand selected beans: Experienced pickers know to only select the ripe beans from each plant at each of numerous passes over two months. They also know how to remove the fruit without damaging stems and leaves. This is especially in contrast to high yield - lower quality machine-harvested beans. Benefits of local roasting: “Green” coffee beans are quite resistant to aging.. and are still considered “new” up to one year after harvest. In contrast; ”roasted”, and even more so…, “roasted and ground” beans begin to lose freshness much more quickly. The ideal model is to; economically transport quantities of green beans to Ontario, properly store them, and then locally custom roast and grind the beans… not long before you prepare your coffee.