Mountain View Coffee is moving Roasting Plant to a new location at 400 Steeprock Drive, Toronto

Posted by Eric, 2014-07-29 20:51:31

Mountain View Coffee is moving to a new location at 400 Steeprock Drive, Toronto. We have purchased the roasting equipment at the old Timothy's Coffee & Tea and Green Mountain coffee Roasters. The space is approx. 30,000 square feet with 21 offices, 2 boardrooms,cupping room, a cafeteria and Two Javez Burns Four Bag Roasters capable or roasting over 8,000,000 pounds a year. Yes I said 8,000,000 pounds of coffee. We are no longer at 26 Logan Avenue, so if you picked up orders there, please call us and we will deliver for free. We also are closing our roasting facility at 505 Clayson Road. We have a lot of fond memories there. It was the original Columbia Coffee and Tea plant when we purchased the company. All of our 20 or so staff will be under the same roof again. I hope everyone gets along. Please call us to arrange a tour. We can show you the offices, roasters, the fair trade, organic, direct trade and conventional coffees as well as our biodegradable and compostable products.