New Micro Lot Coffee: Democratic Republic of Congo 'Congo Kivu 4 Bord Lac Estate' available now

Posted by Eric, 2014-02-07 12:39:33

CAFE du CONGO Café du Congo, roasted to a full city. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a great country offering exceptional varieties of coffees needed for the ever-changing global market. Coffee is the DRC's third most important export (after copper and crude oil) and is the leading agricultural export. 80 % of production comes from the provinces of Haut Zaire, Equateur and Kivu. Only 10/15 percent of production is Arabica and the vast majority is Robusta. Securing coffee from Kivu has been a challenge for the North American markets for a while. We have at present a small quantity of the 'Congo Kivu 4 Bord Lac Estate' and we are not sure when we are going to see another shipment from Congo. This is a coffee which is bold and intense with a heavy body. Fruity and rustic. One can create and excellent niche blend for the special connoisseur. Kivu in the DRC is very politically unstable and there is a constant struggle over minerals and the first people to hurt from what has become an armed struggle for many years is the farmer, whether it be the coffee farmer or any other farmer in the region. There are signs of stability but we find that it is here one day and gone the next day, though the civil war technically ended a decade ago! Our people on the ground inform us that there is much more development needed in terms of improving the milling and processing of the coffee. Coffee from Kivu is unique unlike anything else from Africa and so if you like to add some to your offerings then please call or email us with an order before we are sold out completely! COFFEES PRICED AT $45/5lb bag